Want to get to Venice on your own, but do not know how to do it? No problem, today we specifically for you published a story of a tourist about visiting this beautiful city on the water, and the tourist then traveled by motorcycle ...

How I went on a motorcycle to Venice with about 100 euros in my pocket
From Verona to Venice there are only 100 km. Before the turn to the city there is a payment point, insert there a coupon, which removes 25.50 euros and the way to Venice is free. You drive there directly on the bridge, and from all sides you see a lot of cafes and parking lots. Most likely, all visitors are left here. It is not easy to find a free parking, but I succeeded, it is located at the exit from the bridge, and by the way there you can leave only motorcycles and mopeds. Conveniently parked your transport you have two ways, go for a walk around the city on foot, which will take a very long time to get to specific places of interest, or immediately buy a ticket for a vaporetto - these are such convenient, water trams. You can choose your ticket, which is convenient for your purposes: one-time round-trip, for 12, 24 hours and for several days. I chose the best option for myself - for 12 hours, which costs 18 euros, with which you can skate as long as you want.

You can sit down on the first approached tram and enjoy the trip. Around you will see a crowd of people, a large number of boats and absolutely no gondolas.

I got off at the Rialto stop. There's a beautiful bridge and a lot of people, probably because the city center is not far. The narrow streets, a lot of channels, on which, miraculously, only one gondola is floating.

If you're hungry, try to find a pizzeria. It took me a long time, as in decent-looking institutions very expensive prices, and where normal prices I did not risk to sit down to eat. In the end, I found a kind of medium-sized institution and ordered pizza, beer and tiramisu there. I would like to add that the prices in Italy are not at all cheap, the beer costs 6 euros, the pizza is a little cheaper, but still it's a lot like spending on food. Having a bite and a rest you can go to St. Mark's Square, which is the central square of the city. There you will see a lot of police, tourists and of course pigeons, which in no way feed, as you pay a lot of fine for such care of animals.


 Further I went to the main canal, along which there are gondolas and a vaporetto. Ride a gondola costs 80 euros for forty minutes, well, and a small bonus is that you will act as a model for tourists who will take pictures of you together with the landscape in memory of Venice. Personally, I decided to be in the role of photographer.

Sitting in the first approached vaporetto I got to a dead end station, which is located on the island of Lido. I draw attention to the fact that my ticket has not been checked yet, since the turnstiles are only at the final stations, but people say that you can get to the controller, so do not take risks. In principle, there are no special sights on the island, but I found a Billa supermarket there, in which you can buy yourself food and all kinds of goods for small needs. I chose a bottle of Italian wine and some cheese. The cost of wine starts from 4 euros and rises to sky-high prices, in general, if you choose, then navigate according to your capabilities.

I thought that I was lucky with the weather, at first I even admired the colorful storm clouds, and I was surprised that it was dry in the city. And here in my life there was another law of meanness, it was when I decided that it was time to go back to the motorcycle and continue my journey, it was pouring rain. Such a "gift" of nature can be waited under any building with a massive visor, as I personally did. Then I went to the parking lot, because I needed to change clothes, and I was very happy about the abandoned kiosk with a visor, under which you can hide and boldly, but quickly change clothes. It is worth noting that as soon as the rain ended the parking immediately started to fill with people, but I was lucky and I left there first.

Having moved the bridge already in a direction from the city of Venice, I went to the camping site. Walking around Venice and sitting in a cafe, you can watch multiple campsites, which are located on the spit, so that's where I'm heading. I hope that you will not fall under the rain, as I fell for the second time in a day, heading for my parking lot. A little lost, turned on the phone GPS and already in the dark reached the spit, which is about 60 km from the entrance to Venice. I decided to stop at the nearest camping site called Rialto. From one person for a stop there will ask 6 euros, for a tent - 6 euros and for a motorcycle - 3 euros. The place for installing the tent can be chosen by yourself, probably because the whole territory is on the marsh, so there is very little dry land and almost all the lawn flows with water. But there is also a positive moment in this story, on the campsite there are also small double cabins with no amenities and with their availability. A house without amenities will cost you 30 euros, and this cost will include parking your vehicle. In general, if you are alone, then this option is the best for you. I decided that for me too, since in the house there is an outlet and a battery. After drinking Italian wine and regaining the cheese with a calm soul, I went to bed.

As you can see, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on tours in Europe and in particular in Italy. It is enough to have a great desire, and not to be intimidated by such difficulties as rain and lack of armor in a cozy hotel. In general, if you dream about travel, then nothing will stop you, and for movement you can take not a motorcycle or a moped, but a comfortable car.