I always raved about Italy - so much that I studied the language of this country, and did it with ease. He is so melodic, so well remembered that with real Italians in skype I was able to communicate in a couple of months. They called me to themselves and wondered why the average Russian girl can not afford a trip to Europe. Actually, I also worried this question. I have studied, probably, hundreds of proposals from travel agencies - and all is not right. Beach vacation in the resorts I'm not particularly interesting - over the sea and the sun you can cheaply fly to Egypt, Italy is a country with ancient culture and temperamental people. I wanted to know her life, but sightseeing tours allow you to see everything only on the tops, and I did not want to be limited to one city. And one day I came across a site for renting motorcycles, including in the land of my dreams - Toprentmoto.com. The decision ripened quickly. I bought a ticket for the cheapest charter flight to Pisa and booked the cheapest motorcycle offered - for two weeks BMW cost relatively inexpensively. Despite the price, the motorcycle pleased - was in excellent technical condition and did not fail even on the hilly roads of Tuscany. But it was later, and at first I was at the airport of Pisa with wild eyes, still not believing that it was really in Italy. "BMW F800R" drove up, paid rent - and all the roads opened in front of me. Naturally, being in Pisa and not looking at the falling tower is blasphemy. The Italians drive badly! Signals of a traffic light, road signs for them - something insignificant. I remembered all our Russian mate and thought that in vain, in vain they sin on our drivers - they are normal, even neat. But I managed to get to the tower without incident, I looked at it and turned to some Italian with a request to take a photo, which should be for every tourist - as if propping the tower. It was hard - I was learning the classical language, and they have a continuous dialect in their speech. But perhaps they understood me. In the cathedral, the Duomo also came in - it was somehow strange to admire only its rickety bell tower. But not Pisa was the goal of my two-week trip - I wanted to travel all the blessed Tuscany with its picturesque hills, vineyards and Edo. Nowhere else in the world is so deliciously cooked. So I opened the printed maps in advance with the route and went to the first planned stop on the way to Florence - Montecatini Terme. There, by the way, Giuseppe Verdi himself liked to rest. The car parked and went by funicular to the Montecatini Alto Square. It's just not words to convey - around the hills, between them sheltered small villages, all flooded with sunlight ... That's how I imagined Italy. And on the square in cafes deliciously fed. I understood that after this I would have to plow in the simulator, but could not refuse from the chalde - these are wafers, but they have a layer of almonds. But I did not plan to stay here and so I went further along the A11 motorway. That's right, in Florence. Whenever you enter the city, you get the impression that one of the cultural capitals is somewhere far away, but you are actually traveling through a village. And then suddenly the city grows up, but what! This is a monument under the open sky. No, I did not get to the Ufizzi gallery - big queues, expensive tickets. But the quarter of Santa Croce explored from and to. There, by the way, not only cathedrals, but also the most classy night clubs. What am I talking about? Honestly, I do not quite remember those three days, since I was in the hostel in the hostel, and Tuscan wine is very helpful in understanding the language. Held for four days. I was going to stay until the end of the trip, but accidentally sobered up, performed an obligatory cultural program - swept across the Ponte Vecchio and cited something from Dante's "Hell" at the monument to the poet himself and turned south - to Siena. Between the high-speed motorway and the winding Chiantijana, of course, chose the last one. Chalde turned out to be a flower - here the sweets were even more tempting. I almost did not need a motorbike here - I wandered around the center on foot, especially since the passage there is forbidden. The main impressions are the Siena Cathedral and Chianti. And I went to the main goal of my trip, which would not be chosen by any sensible tourist - the tiny town of Montepulciano, in size slightly smaller than the urban village in the Russian outback. It is very compactly located on a hill. Why such exotica? This is Volterra from the "Twilight Saga". I fell in love with this city, and he did not disappoint me. Not a single new building, all from the Middle Ages. It's like I was not driving on Opel, but on a time machine. Dimensional life, emotional Italians, grape valleys, which are visible from the tower of the Town Hall ... And a lake next to it. And the wine Montepulciano nobilis and Rosso ... Here I spent a week, imbued with the spirit of Italy. I went to Pienza, Montalcino. And did not want to return ... But for these two weeks I traveled half-Tuscany, including those of its corners, where the travel agency will never take and there are no our compatriots. Next trip - to the south!