Hi, my name is Michael, I'm an aspiring blogger and I want to tell you about how I will travel the world.
While I was in Italy and shared my impressions and thoughts with you. I hope you will be interested, and I will try as accurately as possible to convey their thoughts about traveling. Next, I want to visit other countries of Europe.
By the way I live in Sweden, although born and raised in Russia.
I work remotely and therefore work does not interfere with me to travel.

Each journey begins with an exciting expectation of something new, and ends with a heady aftertaste, which is difficult to convey with the help of words. We look through the photos, change the avatars Facebook and tell family and friends interesting stories from a recent trip, as if so, again scrolling through the tape of his memory, trying to delay briefly those magical moments that, unfortunately, have already been left behind. Maybe the desire to share their experiences is a natural epilogue to any good trip. Anyway, it is this desire and was the main reason for the creation of this blog.

Our little travel diary is a timid attempt to preserve the emotions and impressions that, settling dust on road backpacks, come back with us from every distant trip. Here we will publish photo reports about recent travels, as well as share with you interesting tips on how to travel independently and make each trip much more budget.

This blog is a small platform on which we will generate information about the most interesting discounts and promotions, as well as share with you photo reports about recent travel and unusual tips on how to save on travel. Be with us and we will try not to disappoint you. On February 10, 2018, we will start our personal blog. And we hope that this date will be the starting point in the fate of a successful project, which is sure to find its readers.